Grades 7-12 - Continuity of Learning During At-Home Learning

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Grades 7-12 - Continuity of Learning During At-Home Learning

To Grasslands Parents and Guardians of Grades 7-12 Students,

In response to the increased COVID-19 cases in our Province, the Premier of Alberta announced on Tuesday, May
4th that all grades K-12 students in Alberta would move to At-Home Learning beginning Friday, May 7th and ending
Tuesday, May 25th. We understand the challenges this creates for your students and families and are
committed to working with you to ensure that learning continues for your students. Our teachers and staff are
prepared to continue teaching your students while they are at home and we have every confidence in their
ability to still deliver strong, engaging programming. We are counting on your partnership to support your
learners through this time.

What to Expect from May 7th to May 25th
You will notice that this period of At-Home Learning is very similar to our November and December At-Home
Learning shift. Below is a quick outline of the next 2 weeks.

Again, your involvement in your child’s education is key to their success. Expect weekly contact from your
child’s teachers through emails, calls or messaging apps. If you find your child is struggling, or that there is not
enough contact between you and the school, or between your child and their teacher, please contact your
school administration. We are all in this together, together we are stronger.


Katie Graham, Assistant Superintendent - Learning Services