COVID Update

event Published 2022-03-01T17:34:54.539Z

Beginning today, March 1, 2022, staff, parents and visitors are now able to choose whether or not to wear a mask while in a Grasslands facility or bus. We recognize there will be staff, students and visitors who will choose to wear a mask and ask everyone to be kind and understanding toward one another and respect their personal choices. We will continue to have all other protocols in place in order to mitigate an increase in illness spread. 

Staff and students are still required to monitor for symptoms using the daily screening tool. When symptomatic, staff and students are encouraged to use a rapid test and follow the "stay home" guidelines when ill.  Pending vaccination status,  a 5 or 10 day isolation requirement remains in effect, as per provincial isolation requirements.  Masking is still required for any fully vaccinated individual who tested positive, completed 5 days of isolation and is now completing their 5 day mandatory masking period.  Isolation requirements will be reviewed by the province in Step 3 of their easing of restrictions plan.

Next steps will be discussed next week by school and department leaders and a progressive approach to a return to normal operations will be determined, based on several factors including student and staff absence rates. Please remember that COVID is still present in our schools and communities. Our end goal is to ensure we have students attending in person classes and staff at work. 

As always, we appreciate your support.