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Welcome to Mrs. Adams' Grade 5/6

September is here again! I am very excited to meet the grade fives and reconnect with the grade sixes. We are going to have an awesome year. I will be using this website to update students and parents on upcoming events within the school, publish helpful or interesting links, and on very rare occasions, to publish homework. I also hope to share some photos in order to share the fun and learning occuring in the classroom.


This year, the grade 5/6 teacher's are using a middle school format, where students will belong to a homeroom, and travel between three different classrooms. I am responsible for one homeroom, as well as instructing all 5/6 Langauge Arts. Mrs. Ashley Dyck will teach Math and Art, while Mr. Colin Butters will teach Science and Social. If you have any concerns to do with academics, please contact the teacher responsible for the specific subject. All other concerns should be addressed by the homeroom teacher.

Reading: Students are expected to read for at least thirty minutes a day. They should record the title of the text they are reading, as well as the author's name, and the genre of the text in their reading logs. Students are encouraged to highlight novels or other texts they really enjoyed with an asterick.

Agendas: Every student has an agenda that will be updated on a daily basis. A lot of communication will be sent home in these agendas, so I would really appreciate it if you could initial or sign new entries to acknowledge you have seen any entries. Of course, you can also contact me by phone or by email at