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Welcome to Duchess School

Mission Statement

Duchess School uses a student focussed approach to enhance and promote academic, social, and emotional growth, through community partnerships, in a positive and caring environment.

Our Vision

"Individuals who are creative, adaptable and responsible members of our society"


  • Students are ultimately the focus of everything we do
  • All students can learn and experience success
  • Students are responsible for participating fully in the achievement of their academic success
  • All students must have reading, writing, and math skills with which to analyze data, develop ideas and make inferences
  • High learning expectations challenge all students to learn and achieve
  • The relationship between the learner and the teacher is critical to the learning experience
  • All students learn and experience success if strong and balanced curricular and extracurricular programs are offered
  • Students are entitled to a safe, secure, and caring environment where each individual is respected and valued
  • The success of the students is the shared responsibility of the students, parents, school, community and government
  • Parents should have opportunities for meaningful involvement in important decisions about their children's education
  • Family and friends are a major influence in children;s learning
  • Resources and relevant decision making should be located where the education happened
  • Schools need to use their resources as effectively and efficiently as possible for the benefit of students
  • Education is an essential building block of our societies future